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    The space shuttle Atlantis is the centerpiece of a new 90,000 square feet museum at the Kennedy Space Center.

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    Working with architects PGAV Destinations, designers Fisher Marantz Stone used light to show the orbiter as it would look in space.

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    The lighting design heighten’s the drama of the shuttle, which is suspended 30 feet in the air and tilted, allowing 360-degree views.

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    To ensure reliability and to simplify maintenance issues, the Kennedy Space Center required the use of LED fixtures for the shuttle’s illumination.

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    Using the museum’s catwalks, Fisher Marantz Stone aimed the luminaires towards the shuttle, making the orbiter glow against the darkened backdrop.

  • 92_619_en_space_shuttle_atlantis_09

    The firm chose Lumenpulse’s Lumenbeam fixtures, using White, Dynamic White and custom Blue to simulate the reflection of sunlight in space.

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    Orange and gold represent the heat and colors of re-entry.

  • 92_617_en_space_shuttle_atlantis_07

    Fisher Marantz Stone then used a range of linear Lumenfacade fixtures to maintain the mood and properly illuminate the surrounding exhibits and circulation areas.

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    The end result gives Atlantis the send off it deserves, dramatically displaying the shuttle as if it were still in action.


  • ジャンル: ミュージアム

  • 場所: アメリア・フロリダ州・ケープカナベラル

  • 照明デザイン: Fisher Marantz Stone

  • 設計:  PGAV Destinations

Space Shuttle Atlantisケネディ宇宙センター・スペースシャトル「アトランティス」







・Lumenbeam LBX DWW x 2
・Lumenbeam LBX DWW   x 27
・Lumenbeam LBX DWW x 11
・Lumenbeam LBX White x 1
・Lumenbeam Large DWW x 48
・Lumenbeam Large DWW x 10
・Lumenbeam LargeDWW x 5
・Lumenbeam Large White x 48
・Lumenbeam Large White x 13
・Lumenbeam Medium DWW x 25
・Lumenbeam Medium White x 66
・Lumenbeam Medium White x 10
・Lumenbeam Medium White x 43
・Lumenfacade Interior RGB x 4
・Lumenfacade Interior RGB x 2
・Lumenfacade Interior RGB x 14
・Lumenfacade Interior RGB x 2
・Lumenfacade Interior DWW x 4
・Lumenfacade Interior White x 68
・Lumenfacade Interior White x 10
・Lumenfacade White x 62